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Alexandra Hadik spent 3 years in Europe studying the history of decorative objects and the restoration of antique wooden objects before landing in a gold leaf conservation studio in Baltimore for 3 ½ years. There she had the opportunity to learn about and work on many national treasures belonging to museums and collectors.  In private practice since 1989, she continues to restore period gilded objects for museums and collectors, creates custom gilded frames, produces gesso panels for egg tempera painters, and teaches beginners and advanced gilding students.  She lectures and demonstrates for historical societies and has taught workshops at past Society of Gilders conferences.  Alexandra practices water gilding and oil gilding using traditional materials.  A particular appreciation for the art of pastiglia and sgraffito has led her to incorporate these disciplines in many original works. Her goal is to further the study and appreciation of gilding traditions, techniques, and designs, upholding the highest standards in their execution.

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