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Gilding Classes

Time:  Saturday & Sunday,   from 9 am. to 5pm.    Date: TBA

The course is designed to familiarize the beginning student with the basics of water gilding and oil gilding.  Each student will be provided with an 8 X 10 inch gessoed frame to sand, water gild, and tone.  An oil gilding project will be done as a group. Tools and supplies will be provided.  Preparatory procedures for both water and oil gilding will be reviewed and the aesthetic appeal and advantages of each technique will be discussed.
We will look at various objects to learn the differences between real gilding, metal leafing, and bronze powder paint.  A handout includes a comprehensive list of suppliers, recipes for glue, gesso, and bole and an outline of all the steps in both types of gilding.

Class size is 2 to 5 students.   Students are asked to bring a shop apron and a notebook and are requested not to wear a fuzzy sweater.

Course fee is $450.00, includes all materials.

To register for the class please send a check for $50 made out to Alexandra Hadik.
The address is 39 Old Sandown Rd. Chester, NH 03036

Advanced classes are by appointment.


For any questions please email or call (603) 887-2380.