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Custom Framing

At present there are 3 popular frame profiles available:
1 5/8-inch  American scoop (AM158), great for watercolors, and prints
2 1/8-inch  Florentine (FL218) for canvases and egg tempera panels
3 ¼-inch Florentine (FL314) for canvases and egg tempera panels

(Frame samples pictured are in 13.5 karat white gold leaf and 22 karat yellow gold leaf.)

Molding is made of basswood and frames are custom cut and joined using only wooden biscuits and glue.  There are no nails, screws or staples.  Frames are prepared with rabbit skin glue and sprayed with gesso made only of traditional materials.  Gesso is hand sanded. Clay bole color, gold leaf color and karat, and the final finish are achieved by combining traditional methods and materials with the artist’s vision for the art work.

Gesso Panels

Gesso panels for egg tempera painters are available.  Panels are made of un-tempered masonite (1/4”mdf) and gesso is the traditional rabbit skin glue and whiting.  Panels are hand sanded and cut to order.

Closed corner linen liners are available.

For prices please call Alexandra Hadik at (603) 289-2380 or email

frame 4
frame 2
frame 3



For any questions please email or call (603) 289-2380.