Other Projects

Museum quality restoration begins with preliminary observations in person of an object’s condition and the piece is photographed. Historical significance and value are considered, as are the client’s goals for that object.

Traditional gilding materials and methods are used whenever possible and as much of the original surface is preserved so that a conserved or restored piece continues to look like an authentic object, compliments the art it surrounds and fits appropriately into its setting. A thorough analysis of the condition of the piece and the proposed treatment is provided in writing.

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Sano di Pietro gilding

Preliminary painting done in gray tones on a gessoed panel, water gilding and punchwork completed.


Sano di Pietro gilding

Completed egg tempera painting after Sano di Pietro. Sgraffito frame commissioned by the collector.


St. Louis, MO.
Copper and brass crosses for a church destroyed by fire.

Gilded with 23kt gold leaf.

St. Peter’s Episcopal Church
Londonderry, NH.
Nineteenth century organ pipes were completely painted over in white paint.  Volunteers stripped and repainted them in the original colors.  Details, regilded as per the original design.